Your mental health condition doesn’t define you—you define it

Being understood by your doctors shouldn’t feel hard.

At Author Health, we listen to your whole story. We personalize your treatment plan and help you manage your mental health so you can live a fuller life, on your own terms. 

You don’t need a doctor’s referral to start with Author Health. Click the button to tell us how to get in touch with you—we’ll do the rest together.

See the best mental health specialists, no matter where you live

Get connected to a top psychiatrist, nurse practitioner and therapist virtually. Receive local support and care in person. And keep your family and primary care doctor connected to your Author Health plan so you can focus on feeling well.
  • Covered by major insurance plans

  • Supported within your community

  • Connected care with your family doctor

  • Customized virtual and in-person care

  • Judgment-free therapy and support

  • Author Health's team-based, virtual-first approach ensures that the right team members can reach patients and their caregivers at exactly the right moments, whether in-person or through technology.

    This personalized approach gets people the treatment they need, ensures they stay connected to care, and keeps them healthy and out of the hospital.

Author Health listens to your whole story and builds a care team, just for you.

First, we build a team of doctors, nurses and support workers designed around your needs.

Your team is there for the highs, the lows, and everything in between. You can see different members of your team virtually and in person, how and where you feel most comfortable.

Then, we work together to set treatment goals and create your personalized treatment plan.

Your psychiatrist guides evaluation and treatment and works with the rest of your team—including your family doctor—to set treatment goals and build a personal care plan.

Finally, you and your team bring your care plan to life, so you can start feeling better.

Get talk therapy and prescriptions, as well as team support at home and in your community. No matter what, your whole team checks in together every day to make sure you’re getting what you need.

Through it all, we make sure nothing in your health record or care plan gets missed.

Your Author Health team works with your family doctor, other health care support services, your insurance payer and your loved ones so you get continuous, high-quality care.

Top psychiatric and medical experts

Treatment and therapy where you feel most comfortable

Judgment-free care that puts positive relationships first

  • Before I got involved with Author, I was a mess. Sometimes I didn’t take my medication, I wasn’t eating, my stomach hurt, my heart was going 100 miles an hour and I felt it in my throat.

    My doctor at Author gave me peace in my heart and in my mind—he gave me hope. I feel safe. I feel like I have someone that really cares.
    Author Health Patient

Lean into the people in your life. Count on your Author Health team. We’re all here to help you feel well.

Author Health listens to you to get your care plan just right.

Your story is unique. We listen to your whole story, in your own words, so we can understand everything that makes you “you”. Then together we make a complete care plan that meets all your needs and makes a difference in your everyday life.

Author Health reaches out to the people you trust and includes them in your care plan so you can live life on your terms.

No referral? No problem. Get started with Author Health right now.

Get connected with a care team dedicated to one person: You. Fill in the form and we’ll get back to you personally to get you set up with the right care.

You’re in the right place for better help.

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