Transformative team-based care improves everyone’s mental healthcare experience.

Patients. Caregivers. Care providers. Support workers. And yes, even payers.

Because when we’re all on the same page, we can each focus on the things we’re best at.

Author Health is

  • Committed to listening and investing in people’s whole stories 

  • Based on customized care plans unique to each patient

  • Purpose-built to connect all the pieces of a patient’s story

  • Designed to support caregivers and families

  • Set up to be a reliable home base for everyone involved in a patient’s care

  • Covered by Humana health insurance, with more major payers coming soon

We put patients at the center of their
own mental health stories. 

Our clinical care team is the clinical support system that helps them thrive.

Personal health team helps you get the appointments you need, connect all your medical records, help with patient paperwork and insurance, and much more.
Psychiatrists and other Author Health MDs lead evaluations and diagnostics, prescribe medication and e-consult with Primary Care Providers
Licensed clinical social workers provide virtual-first psychotherapy, help coordinate additional services and support families and caregivers
Nurse practitioners lead medical care and make sure patients are taking their medication as prescribed, connect with coordinated services and work closely with family and caregivers
Community health workers and your social support team are your go-to's for in-person care, and work closely with family and caregivers
In Person

Led by compassion. Guided by clinical insights. Inspired by the people we serve.

Author Health fills the care gaps that separate seniors and other adults with serious mental illness from the holistic and coordinated treatment they need.

Do you share this vision?

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  • Feyza Marouf


    Executive Medical Advisor, Geriatric Psychiatry

  • John Taylor

    MD, MBA

    Executive MD & VP Population Health, Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry

  • Maykel Luna Concepcion

    MD, MPH

    Adult Psychiatry, Addiction Medicine, Internal Medicine

Admin work shouldn’t get in the way of helping work

Author Health’s innovative technology platform puts people first, unifying patients and families, care providers, insurance payers and external medical and support systems on a single, intuitive system. Plus, it enables clinicians with actionable data to guide more effective clinical care and drive proactive treatment decisions.

That means fewer crises and better outcomes.

We help patients tell their stories and live their lives on their own terms.

I've seen really good results with the model and support behind it. It takes a team, especially with how sick our patients are, how many co-morbidities they have and social determinants of needs. I think I'm doing right by my patients – it all works, and it all works together.
Michael Burrell Author Health Nurse Practitioner
I’m appreciative of someone finally doing it. It's more than just medication or mental health diagnosis - it's the patient’s whole life and everything around their life.
Jackie Howell Author Health Nurse Practitioner

The next chapter of your story starts now.

One specialized care team for every patient. All connected on a single platform.

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