Transformative care addresses behavioral, physical, and social needs—equally.

Author Health is the capstone that unites clinicians, care management, and community-based supports to drive better patient outcomes and improved quality of life.

With more time and people devoted to each patient, you can deliver tailored, timely care that respects every facet of a patient’s unique story.

Welcome to innovative relationship-driven care that aims to help patients receive care close to home and in their communities—where they have more potential to thrive.

Better care for more patients

We link every Author Health patient with a dedicated care team that connects virtually and in person. Working within a team, you have the support you need to sustainably deliver the highest quality care.
  • Purpose-built team-based model of care that includes collaboration with internal teams, PCPs and other healthcare services

  • Connected and coordinated integration with community-based services and social support for better patient outcomes

  • Intuitive technology platform for highly effective care team communication and improved population health management

  • Comprehensive evaluations, talk therapy and more, all designed to facilitate resiliency and recovery

  • Holistic and compassionate care addresses all the complex pieces of a patient’s life so they feel safe and heard, and you can deliver your expertise with confidence

Tiered care pathways ensure every patient gets the level of care they need

Patients are matched with a team of highly skilled healthcare professionals. The team meets daily to review patient needs and make adjustments to their care plan as needed.


  • Provides comprehensive evaluation and treatment
  • Supervises and approves care plans constructed as a team
  • Supports nurse practitioners providing longitudinal care
  • Guides PCPs via e-consults

Nurse Practitioner

  • Provides virtual care and works closely with patient’s family or caregivers
  • Sets treatment goals with patients and caregivers
  • Helps manage medication titration and treatment planning
  • Promotes open communication between PCPs and caregivers

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

  • Provides virtual-first, evidence-based psychotherapy
  • Elicits patient-centered goals and supports the care plan
  • Provides support to caregivers involved in the care of those with SMI

Care Management Team

  • Delivers live support at home, in facilities, at PCP offices and other community sites
  • Helps patients with technology, social and other health needs
  • Coordinates medical and community-based services
  • Helps avoid crises and supports patients to receive care in the community, outside of emergency departments and inpatient units

You’re driven to make a difference. 
Author Health is purpose-designed to help you do just that.

Personal and professional fulfillment. Measurable patient outcomes. Deep training and professional support. A holistic approach with integrated services. And a strong voice in team-based care to drive the highest-quality treatment for people with complex mental health needs.

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  • I've seen really good results with the model and support behind it. It takes a team, especially with how sick our patients are, how many co-morbidities they have and social determinants of needs. I think I'm doing right by my patients – it all works, and it all works together.
    Michael Burrell Author Health Nurse Practitioner
  • I’m appreciative of someone finally doing it. What we're missing in mental health is those wraparound services. It's more than just medication or mental health diagnosis - it's the patient’s whole life and everything around their life. I'm grateful to be here to be helping and making a difference.
    Jackie Howell Author Health Nurse Practitioner

Embrace the trailblazer
within you.

Embrace the trailblazer
within you.

You belong on the Author Health team if you:

  • Have dogged tenacity and are intrigued by the idea of working in a clinical, always-changing startup environment
  • Appreciate structure and process, yet feel comfortable with ambiguity and iteration
  • Thrive autonomously and as part of a highly collaborative team
  • Have an intrinsic desire to figure things out, and aren’t afraid to recalibrate your approach
  • See how care as usual doesn’t always serve our patient population and strive to seek new creative solutions that better serve each unique patient
  • Are tired of the administrative and paperwork burden of typical clinical care, and need that burden reduced through an easy-to-navigate technology platform and team support
  • Are driven by a passion for improving patient outcomes in a traditionally underserved aging population, and want a robust personal benefit plan, including health, dental and vision benefits, and 401k match